A Board’s Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship

As fiscal sponsorship continues to become a more widely used tool for charitable impact, it is important that 501(c)(3) organizations acting as a fiscal sponsor...

Analyzing Financial Information Using Ratios

This Propel Nonprofits tool provides the description and calculation of 14 ratios, including a mix of balance sheet and income statement ratios.

Annual Requirements for Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota

Wondering what's required for your nonprofit on an annual basis? Check out Propel Nonprofits' Annual Requirements for Nonprofit Organizations in Minnesota guide.

Audit Services RFP

Template is a sample of a Request for Proposal that your nonprofit could submit to a company for the preparation of yearly audited financial statements.

Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet

The Propel Nonprofits Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet highlights six key measures that are useful for all types of nonprofits.

Board Communication: Reporting Financial Information

This resource outlines the types of financial reports that are needed by a board, as well as how to present the information to the board.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template

Template to record your board meeting minutes, created for your convenience and to remind you of legal recommendations related to board minutes.

Board Profile Worksheet

A tool for nonprofits to identify and track desirable board skills and characteristics, spotlighting what to seek from new board members.

Board Roles & Responsibilities

Legal compliance and financial oversight are certainly on the list of board responsibilities, but they’re not enough for effective governance. Your board should be doing...

Budgeting: A 10-Step Checklist

Propel Nonprofits 10-step budgeting checklist is a planning tool that reflects an organization’s programs, mission, and strategic plan.

Cash Flow Management

This resource will help your nonprofit manage cash flow by explaining why, when, and how, plus providing strategies to help prevent cash flow shortages.

Characteristics of Financially Healthy Nonprofits

Propel Nonprofits resource that provides 12 signs that your nonprofit will be financially healthy over the long term.

Choosing a Nonprofit Board to Join

Finding a nonprofit board to join can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find a nonprofit board.

Considering Options Along the Strategic Alignment Spectrum

Based on organizational goals, there are many options along the realignment spectrum including program transfer, joint ventures, and others.

Emergency Succession Plan Template

This 2-part template was designed by Propel Nonprofits' to serve as a narrative guide to help nonprofit leaders craft an emergency response plan should they...

Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership

This guide outlines essential steps for Executive Directors regarding annual budgets, income, reserves, and financial governance.

Financial Policy Guidelines and Example

This Propel Nonprofits financial policy guideline clarifies the roles, authority, and responsibilities for financial management activities and decisions.

Financial Self-Assessment

Use this Propel Nonprofits checklist to assess your organization's financial management practices and identify areas for improvement.

Glossary of Financial Terms for Nonprofits

This glossary provides definitions of terminology commonly used in nonprofit finance.

Governing In a Time of Crisis: 10 Actions for Boards

During a crisis, what does a nonprofit board need to do? This resource lays out 10 key actions for board members.

Loans: A Guide to Borrowing for Nonprofit Organizations

This Propel Nonprofits guide is designed to help nonprofits understand loans, uses for loans, and when loans make the most sense as a form of...

Managing Restricted Funds

Article defines the two categories of restricted funds - those with donor restrictions and those without donor restrictions - and provides tools to manage contributed...


This document provides step-by-step merger guidance.

Nonprofit Finance: 12 Golden Rules

In this resource Propel Nonprofits sets out the 12 golden rules for nonprofit finance, including budgeting, diverse funding sources, and interdependence.

Nonprofit Governance: Coloring Outside the Box…One Size Does Not Fit All

Study about ways to improve board function and effectiveness, and proposes discussion questions to facilitate conversations between staff and board leaders.

Operating Reserves with Nonprofit Policy Examples

Sample reserve policies are provided by Propel Nonprofits that can be customized for your nonprofit organization.

Overhead Cost Definitions

This Propel Nonprofits resource is an overview of different overhead expense classifications, and what may or may not be included in IRS Form 990 and...

Recruiting New Board Members

To make sure you have the right people on the bus, it’s important to know what skills, lived experiences, and perspectives will guide your nonprofit...

Social Enterprise Business Plan

This outline for a social enterprise business plan is a guide for research, planning, and writing a business plan for nonprofit social enterprises.

Strategic Sunsetting

Sunsetting can be a normal, mission-focused part of an organization’s life cycle and occurs when the work an organization set out to do has been...

Success Factors in Nonprofit Mergers

Full study of 41 direct-service organization mergers in Minnesota conducted by MAP for Nonprofits and Wilder Research.

Success Factors in Nonprofit Mergers, Synopsis

This is a synopsis of a study of 41 direct-service organization mergers in Minnesota conducted by MAP for Nonprofits and Wilder Research.

Ten Dimensions That Shape Your Board Workbook

Tool designed to guide board discussion about cultural and developmental context and to recognize and consider alternative strategies to build on strengths.

The Power of Possibility: Exploring Greater Impact through Strategic Partnerships

Free resources from the Power of Possibility website help to guide nonprofit conversations about strategic alliances and restructuring.

Transforming Nonprofit Business Models

This Propel Nonprofits resource explores the four financial components of nonprofits (revenue mix, infrastructure/expenses, true program costs, capital).

Treasurer and Finance Committee: Right People, Clear Roles

This article by Kate Barr clarifies the treasurer's and finance committee's roles so they play a strategic part in oversight, planning, and governance.

True Program Costs: Program Budget and Allocation Template and Resource

It's time for nonprofits to switch the narrative away from overhead costs vs. programming costs to an understanding of true program costs. This guide and...