PRISM is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit community-supported social service organization, located in Golden Valley, which helps people access food, clothing, and housing in times of financial hardship. PRISM was founded in 1970 by residents who were concerned about their hungry and homeless neighbors. What stated as an informal effort has since evolved into a well-resourced and connected organization that provides basic needs services to the community. What sets PRISM apart is how we see basic needs – the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the roof over your head – as more than human rights; they are how you express yourself, how you manage your health, and how you care for your loved ones. Most importantly, when a person’s basic needs are met, they are better able to contribute to their community as students, employees and parents. We are dedicated to helping participants make the best decisions for their own lives by providing programs that are responsive, flexible and individualized. The philosophy is driven by PRISM’s mission of providing social services and connections that empower people in our community to build healthy, stable lives. Our informal motto is “Be Kinder Than Necessary”. Simple yet so powerful.

Strategic Priorities

PRISM’s 3 strategic priorities currently are: Caring for Others; Community Engagement; and Continuous Learning

Annual Budget: $4.1 million – Earned Income, Foundations, Individual Contributions, Government Grants or Contracts


PRISM is seeking board members with skills in the following areas:

  • Board Governance
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Public Policy and Advocacy


  • Number of members currently: 13
  • Meeting time and frequency:  5 meetings annually
  • Meeting location: Western Suburbs
  • Does nonprofit carry liability insurance? Yes


  • Time Expectation: Up to 5 hours/month
  • Financial Contribution Required: Yes
  • Service on Committee Required: Yes
    • Committees: Executive, Finance, Fundraising, Other
  • Length of Term: 3 Years
  • Renewable: Yes

Questions about this board opportunity?

Email: boardconnector@propelnonprofits.org


1220 Zane Ave. N Golden Valley, MN 55422


To provide social services and connections that empower people in our community to build healthy, stable lives. Values: Dignity, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation.