Jonathan Brown

Vice President & Chief Program Officer jbrown@propelnonprofits.org 612.249.6750

Jonathan Brown is a growing voice in people-centered leadership. With 14 years of work in rural, suburban, and urban communities, he has become a recognized leader in creating positive change by empowering individuals to perform to their best capacity. Jonathan has delivered over 2,000 public speaking engagements, inspiring audiences across the region to take a more human-centric approach to leadership.

Jonathan’s formal education includes a B.A. in Business Management and an M.A. in Communication and Culture, providing him with a strong foundation in both business theory and the social sciences. His Capstone work on the Economic Factors that gave rise to HipHop culture and the Temple of HipHop demonstrates his ability to blend academic rigor and cultural awareness in his work.

In addition to his academic and community work, Jonathan has 12 years of successful management experience in Higher Education, College Athletics, State Government, High School Athletics, and Nonprofits, making him a well-rounded leader with a broad perspective on organizational dynamics. Professionally, Jonathan is the Vice President & Chief Program Officer at Propel Nonprofits whose mission is to “fuel the impact and effectiveness of Nonprofits with guidance, expertise, and capital.” He is also the founder and Chief Strategy and Leadership Coach at Praxis Group MN, where he supports small businesses and nonprofits with: Leadership Training, Executive Coaching,  and Community Engagement Initiatives.

Jonathan’s life mission is to “empower people to do their best work,” and he does that through an engaging, witty, and inspiring message that challenges leaders to reflect on themselves, their own motivations, and ask piercing questions about the ways they treat and support others.